Gamma Ray Spectrometry Systems

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    The Environmental Radiation Research Group (ERRG) group has two gamma ray spectrometry systems that are used for environmental radiation monitoring at SETU. Both systems utilise a high purity germanium (HPGe) detector, namely an ORTEC n-type Gamma-X (GMX) detector. These detectors require liquid nitrogen cooling when in operation and they are cooled continuously at SETU to optimise the detector performance. Both systems use Ortec’s GammaVision gamma ray spectroscopy application software.

    WIT (now SETU) acquired its first gamma spectroscopy system from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 2011. The second gamma spectroscopy system was commissioned by the EPA in 2020 as part of its Service Level Agreement (SLA) with WIT (now SETU).
    These systems are used at SETU to measure radioactivity levels in the air through the analysis of low volume (LV) and high volume (HV) aerosol filters, and are also used to measure radioactivity levels in marine samples (seaweed and sediment). Both natural and artificial radionuclides can be detected.


    NameGamma Ray Spectrometry System (first system)
    Acquisition date03/01/2011
    NameGamma Ray Spectrometry System (second system)
    Acquisition date04/01/2021


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