High Volume Aerosol Sampler

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    As part of its Service Level Agreement (SLA) with WIT (now SETU), the EPA installed a Senya ‘Snow White’ high volume (HV) aerosol sampler unit at WIT’s (now SETU) Carriganore campus. This HV sampler allows background levels of radionuclides in the air to be measured and is part of the EPA’s National Radiation Monitoring Network (NRMN). Members of the ERRG routinely change the air filter on the sampler every seven days and the air filters are then analysed on one of the gamma ray spectrometry systems at SETU. The results of these analyses are reported to the EPA as part of their national radioactivity air monitoring programme.


    NameHigh Volume Aerosol Sampler
    Acquisition date04/01/2021


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