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I hold MEng in mechanical engineering and BSc in manufacturing engineering. My work focuses on utilizing of X-ray Micro Computed Tomography and macro and microscopic techniques to analyse and visualize components and materials. I was involved in project ranging from smaller indigenous industrial companies, academic collaborators to large MNCs clients. During that time, I was also taking a part in DAIRYDRY project. This project involved researchers from Teagasc, UCC, UU, CIT to advance powder characterization and develop new research and industry tools to create the next generation of spry dry milk and protein powder products. My reasearch advanced the project by achiving a high scan resolution CT image and through quantified data analysis with an emphasis on the air voids within spray dried milk power particles. I’m currently involved in researching and developing state of the art technology “X-ray high speed imaging” techniques to analyze and validate of medical products and mechanical component.

I'm also in the process of completing the BSc in Additive Manufacturing Course.