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Ashkan Dehghan is a PhD Candidate and a member of the Ocular Therapeutics Research Group in the Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre, who graduated from the MSc in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies in University of Padova in 2022. After working for a year on a research project called “Enhancing the oral bioavailability of Dalcitrapib utilizing Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems” in University of Innsbruck, Ashkan went on to pursue a PhD in development of nano-formulations for ocular diseases.

The PhD research project, entitled “Innovative nano formulations to prevent sight loss progression – NanoSight”, is funded by the SETU PhD Scholarship Program. Ashkan is supervised by Dr Laurence Fitzhenry (PMBRC) and co-supervised by Dr Sweta Rani (PMBRC), Dr Gautam Behl (Eirgen Pharma Ltd), Prof. Peter McLoughlin (PMBRC) and Prof. Anuj Chauhan (Colorado school of mines).

The NanoSight project aims to develop and characterize a potential formulation capable to reach the back of the eye. Experimental work to date has focused on the characterization of Chitosan coated PLGA Nanoparticles and investigating heir behavior towards molecular moieties present in the eye, with future studies focusing on formulation modifications to further enhance the permeation capability and controlled release.

Education/Academic qualification

Masters Degree, Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies, University of Padova

Award Date: 25 Feb 2022

Bachelors Degree, Cellular and Molecular Genetics , Damghan University

Award Date: 25 Feb 2017