A Comparison of a High Carbohydrate Diet, a High Fat Diet, and a High Fat Diet Incorporating Consumption of Udos Oil on Endurance Atheletes Performance and Health

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This research investigated the effect of a ketogenic diet on exercise performance in endurance athletes, as well as body weight, fuel utilisation and nutrient intake.

Key findings

Consuming the ketogenic diet in comparison to a high carbohydrate diet caused greater weight loss. After 12 weeks adaptation to the ketogenic diet athletes were able to perform exercise as well as athletes on the low carbohydrate diet. Consumption of the low carbohydrate diet did cause a marked difference in nutrient intake in comparison to the high carbohydrate diet.

Short titleKetogenic Diet and its Effect on Health and Performance in Endurance Athletes
Effective start/end date01/01/201630/09/2016


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