An Examination of Game Play and Cardiovascular Demands of Recreational Pick-Up Soccer in Men over 30 Years Old

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Physical activity (PA) is a prophylactic to many of the chronic conditions affecting men. PA levels in men reduces with age; ~70% of the men in Ireland not getting the recommended levels of weekly PA. Football Cooperative (FC) provides social ‘pick up football’ games for men who are not part of a club but wish to still participate in recreational soccer. An ongoing study assessing the feasibility of FC games for scale up reported that, despite their age, 70.3% of participants are overweight or obese and 75% of men have 3 or more cardiovascular risk factors. Given that FC is their preferred mode of PA, it is important that the activity they achieve is sufficient to address their health risk.

AcronymFC Games Project: Study 3
StatusNot started


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