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The aim of the GAA Healthy Club Project (HCP) is, with the support of the HSE, to explore the potential of the GAA club as a setting in which to promote the health and wellbeing of club members and the wider community. Evaluation activity included pre and post engagement with participating clubs and communities, which included executive committee representatives, healthy club officers, club members, programme participants, and service providers.

Layman's description

This pilot evaluation has provided support for this type of initiative in terms of the positive impact on the health orientation and practice of participating clubs. There is a clear commitment from the various structures in the GAA to support this work, which is fundamental to wider dissemination and integration into the daily workings of the organisation.

Key findings

Publication of report the 'Opening Gates, Breaking Stigmas- An Evaluation of the GAA Healthy Club Project'.
The project has now been upscaled across Ireland.

AcronymGAA Healthy Club
StatusNot started


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