Investigate and Evaluate the Delivery of Virtual Events for Triathlon Ireland (Wholly Funded Research Masters with Sport Ireland)

  • Losty, Ciara (Principal Investigator)
  • Evans, Nicole (Team Member)

Project Details


The COVID-19 Pandemic required sporting organisations (SO) to innovate quickly Recent research into the impact of Covid-19 on sport considers hybrid/blended education, sporting environments and the impact of virtual events. This research aimed to identify Triathlon Ireland Member’s (TI) experiences and perceptions of the online offerings (e.g., e-racing, hybrid/blended learning, virtual AGM) TI introduced throughout the Pandemic.

Key findings

Survey data was collected from individual members (n=384, m=64.3%, f=35.7%). 84.73% described that their expectations for an event were met regarding TI’s online events. 50.38% described a lower sense of satisfaction after completing a virtual event than an in-person event. 45.3% were likely to continue engaging with TI’s current structure of online offerings. All participants that completed hybrid coach education would prefer to complete it in a hybrid format in the future. 55.17% of those that attended TI’s online AGM would prefer a continued online format.

Effective start/end date01/01/202231/01/2024


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