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The project IPACSO developed a structured knowledge and decision-support framework for identifying, assessing and exploiting market opportunities across the PACS (Privacy and Cyber Security) industry domain. For this, the project will identify existing market drivers, inhibitors, environmental influencers, different applicable innovation models from other industries and develop materials and bootcamps to support the developments. The project will reach out to PE markets (Private Equity) and support organizations (existing innovation support companies, brokers, ...) to facilitate the process for development.

The framework will support different stakeholders (security innovators in industry and academia) in the PACS space to identify, assess and exploit new ideas (and emerging research outcomes) using innovation and market assessment best practices. The framework will develop the existing innovation management state-of-the-art, providing refined support for efforts in the PACS technology space.

Key findings

IPACSO developed a comprehensive IPACSO innovation framework, knowledge base, case studies, stakeholder engagement, policy recommendations. This included a toolkit of templates, examples and mechanisms to drive ideas into cybersecurity marketplace. https://ipacso.eu/innovation-framework-under-development/ipacso-innovation-framework.html

Additionally, as coordinator of IPACSO Dr Zeta Dooly is a founding member of the Network Information Security Platform (NIS Platform) hosted by EC and ENISA. WG, Secure ICT research and innovation, member of steering committee and co-author of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) Resilient Digital Civilisation. IPACSO led Cybersecurity Innovation bootcamps across EU (13 in total). Involvement in IPACSO led to the creation of an Innovation Centre in VASCO (partner site). The IPACSO Cybersecurity Innovation Awards were It also led to a number of accelerator incubation partnerships. https://ipacso.eu/index.php/introducing-ipacso-innovation-awards

Effective start/end date01/11/201331/10/2015


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