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‘Re-Fashioning the Future’ engaged a core group of traditional textile craft makers with the Electronic Textiles Lab of Walton Institute in workshops to learn about basic circuitry and the integration of electronic components in fabric. The core workshop participants, in turn shared their knowledge to the wider community through introductory textile workshops utilising the Arduino Lilypad ecosystem.

Layman's description

Traditional textile makers learned how to sew electronic circuits on to fabric, utilising conductive thread with lilypad sewable and washable components.

Key findings

"There is an appetite to learn e-textiles amongst traditional textile craft practitioners. With over 50 traditional crafters engaged in the project, all expressed an interest for more e-textile workshops.

Some of the core workshop participants are still delivering e-textile workshops and two of the participants joined Walton Institute as project partners for 'Yarning Connections', funded through the SFI Discovery Call 2022.

AcronymRe-Fashioning the Future
Effective start/end date01/03/202231/10/2022


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