Recyclability of Metallic Titanium Powders for 3D Printing of Biomedical Products

  • Eshaghi Gorji, Nima (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


The project focuses on using recycled powders to use in additive manufacturing 3D printing of a elevator part of a duodenoscope biomedical product of Boston Scientific.

Layman's description

Here we propose a systematic study on recyclability of metallic Titanium powders for 3D printing of biomedical products in Boston Scientific Company, BSC (in Clonmel site at Tipperary-Ireland). This project focuses on recycling the Titanium powders for powder bed fusion AM of the Elevator component of the commercially released (Model D) Duodenoscope. The surface and microstructure quality of the leftover from the powder bed fusion process will be investigated and correlated to the mechanical properties and biocompatibility of the specified 3D-printed biomedical product.

Key findings

Developing new powder mixing strategies to reduce powder waste on site of company. Developed links with powder manufacturing companies to recondition the recycled powders for reuse and mix with fresh powders to use in 3D printing of parts.

Effective start/end date01/01/202231/12/2022


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