Think Tank for Converging Technical and Non-Technical Consumer Needs

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The EC-financed ‘Coordination Action’ project, THINK-TRUST objective was to develop a research agenda for Trustworthy ICT.

The RISEPTIS board, short for “Research and Innovation in Security, Privacy and Trustworthiness in the Information Society”, is an advisory board composed of high-level European research and industry experts, supported by the EC-funded action Think Trust. In its report of October 2009, it emphasises the necessity for technology development to be connected strongly to the development of law and regulations and to research in societal acceptance and economic viability.

Key findings

RISEPTIS formulated in its report six recommendations that were included in the EC Strategic Research Agenda. Additionally, the Think-Trust project hosted the 1st EU-US Cyber Summit in Ireland.

Effective start/end date01/01/200830/06/2010


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