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‘Yarning Connections’ is a project that brings together traditional yarn crafters and knitting and crochet community groups from Waterford and the surrounding locale with technical driven experts from Walton Institute’s E-Textiles Lab. Through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing workshops and collaborative idea generation, a core group of yarn crafters will actively engage in a STEM exploration and investigation of electronic textiles (e-textiles), experimenting with the integration of different conductive yarns in traditional crafts, knitting and crocheting soft switches and integrating them in a textile circuit.

Layman's description

‘Yarning Connections’ is a collaborative exploration of the integration of simple electronic circuits in knitting and crochet with conductive yarn, over a series of workshops. The workshop findings will feed in to the co-creation of an electronic knitting pattern and crochet pattern free for anyone to use. 

AcronymYarning Connections
Effective start/end date16/01/202315/01/2024


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