Bringing the past to life: Co-creating tourism experiences in historic house tourist attractions

Jacqueline Doyle, Felicity Kelliher

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This ethnographic study concentrates on the co-creation of experiential value between the tourist and tour guide in a single historic tourism site; Huntingdon Castle, Ireland. Built upon the principles of service dominant logic, the research explores how storytelling acts as an engagement platform and value enhancing strategic resource. In doing so, it impels the value co-creation journey and shapes the tourist's experience. Observation is coupled with qualitative interviews to capture the dual perspective of both guides and tourists. Findings exhibit the co-creation process through the performance of stories; how and when people derive pleasure (value); the influencing aspects of the environment or place; and guide/tourist perspectives on how they feel and think during the experience. The research contributes by taking a practical operational view of how co-creation occurs. It goes beyond the guide's perspective and exhibits the importance of co-creation of lived experience in the story enhanced tourism experience framework.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104656
JournalTourism Management
Publication statusPublished - 01 Feb 2023


  • Ethnographic study
  • Story enhanced tourism experience
  • Storytelling


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