Caregiving in Conflict: An Introduction to the Literature Review

Julie Crowley

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This presentation is based on a PhD titled Nursing and Caregiving in Conflict: The Irish Experience. It explores the experiences of Irish doctors, nurses, and caregivers who were involved in combatant care and post-combat recovery in
twentieth-century conflicts. The project is at an early stage of research, so this presentation serves as an introduction to archival materials about Irish caregivers and their historical legacy.
The aim of this presentation is to discuss primary and secondary sources for the literature review and to place them in historical context. Research is primarily focused on the 1900-1947 period, which encompasses conflicts within Ireland,
including the Easter Rising, War of Independence and Civil War, and international conflicts such as the First and Second World Wars.
This presentation will provide an overview of sources and identify areas that require further study. The project involves the use of primary sources from institutions within and outside Ireland, including military, medical, governmental,
genealogical, and religious archives. Examples of archival materials include hospital records, government reports, and personal diaries, letters, postcards, and photographs. Secondary sources include books, biographies, theses, journal
articles, and historical treatises. This research will aid the project’s goal of increasing public knowledge of the underexplored Irish contribution to combatant care in conflicts at home and abroad and fostering academic, community
and public engagement.
The role of Irish women who provided casualty care in these conflicts will be discussed, whether in a professional context, such as nursing, or on a voluntary basis, such as Cumann na mBan members who provided medical care to
Irish Volunteers during the War of Independence and Civil War. The experiences of Irish doctors who emigrated to join the Royal Army Medical Corps during the First and Second World Wars will be discussed, including combatant care, treatment,
and rehabilitation in the twentieth century.
Original languageEnglish (Ireland)
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2022
EventPostgraduate Research Conference 2022 - Waterford, Ireland
Duration: 06 May 202206 May 2022


ConferencePostgraduate Research Conference 2022


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