“Jesus’ Spirituality of Authentic Subjectivity and COVID-19’s Shadow Pandemic”

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Violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence, is a “shadow pandemic” growing amidst the COVID-19 crisis. According to the United Nations it needs a global collective effort to stop it. In my own country, Ireland, while almost all other crime type fell during the period of the most severe COVID-19 restrictions, attacks on women aged in their 30s and over surged. The Irish Policing Authority has dubbed the surge in domestic violence during the period “the second pandemic.” An Irish Catholic bishop warned of a “hidden silent pandemic” of domestic violence which becomes more prevalent when COVID restrictions are introduced .
In this article I will focus on the biblical Jesus in his relations with women and do so from within a spirituality studies framework. My aim is to highlight his practice as a spirituality resource in the Christian tradition for addressing this violence.


  • spirituality , violence , Jesus, authenticity, subjectivity, methodology


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