Sport and physical activity for ethnic minority groups in Ireland-an evaluation of participation and programme provision

Margie Kadango

    Research output: Types of ThesisMaster's Thesis


    Introduction: Knowledge on the engagement of ethnic minority groups in sport and physical activity (PA) in Ireland is lacking. This research investigates sports and PA participation among ethnic minority groups, provision of programmes in Ireland for this group, and the role of sport, PA and recreation in promoting social inclusion. Methodology: This research uses mixed quantitative (modified International Physical Activity Questionnaire and a stakeholder questionnaire) and qualitative methods (focus groups and semi structured interviews). Participants were conveniently selected Nigerian, Cameroonian, Congolese, Ghanaian, Ivory Coast, Kenyan, South African, Sudanese, Zimbabwean, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish, Turkish, Czech Republic and Polish origin men and women aged 20+ years with an additional 8 key stakeholders representatives. The setting was four urban counties (Dublin, Waterford, Kilkenny, Offaly) for the interviews with stakeholders and three urban counties (Dublin, Kilkenny, Waterford) for the focus groups with ethnic minority group members. Questionnaires and focus groups were administered to ethnic minority groups to assess PA participation. Results: Analysis of questionnaires (n=150) revealed a significant difference in total PA participation levels between males and females and between nationalities (p<.05=.000). A survey of Local Sports Partnerships and National Governing Bodies of sport (n=35) revealed that 34.4% offer/deliver specific programmes for ethnic minorities. The policy/strategy review of agencies revealed a lack of specific ethnic minority group actions that encourage participation and improve programme provision. Focus group discussions highlighted cultural understanding/appropriate programmes, education/awareness and inclusive policies as enablers to participation. Barriers included finance, language, access to facilities and policies. Stakeholders’ interviews showed how funding, policies and context of programmes can positively or negatively facilitate the development, sustainability and provision of programmes for ethnic minority groups. Conclusion: While there is considerable interest in promoting social inclusion in and through sport and PA in Ireland, action is often uncoordinated and undocumented. There is a need for policies that facilitate opportunities to access various programs and facilities which can encourage/increase sport and PA participation in ethnic minority groups.
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    • Murphy, Niamh, Supervisor
    • Lane, Aoife, Supervisor
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2015


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